Selling Extra Diabetes Strips for Cash


Diabetes is considered as one of the chronic illnesses that require proper monitoring and management treatment regime. Diabetes type one is said to be hereditary and generic while diabetes type two is considered a lifestyle disease. This means that poor nutritional regimes, lack of proper exercising and other lifestyle habits can cause a person to become diabetic at any stage of their life. Once a person contracts diabetes their doctor prescribes some medication for their condition. This is in forms of insulin or tables which have to be taken as per the doctor’s recommendation. With diabetes, an individual has to constantly monitor the status of their condition.


Due to environmental, dietary regime, mental or general health wellbeing, a person may constantly find that their blood sugar levels are too low or too high. The different sugar levels are very bad for a person who is suffering from diabetes. For instance, low blood sugar levels can cause such an individual to pass out and even fall into a comma. The right treatment must be administered for every unique condition. When the blood sugar is too high, the patient should take medication or insulin to lower the blood sugar levels. On the other hand, if the sugar level is too low, the patient is advised to take glucose or a sugary drink to increase their blood level. There is no way such a person can tell what their blood sugar levels are without diabetes strips.


Patients are normally advised to take their blood sugar levels at least twice every day when they wake up and in the evening before they go to bed. However, even after testing their blood sugar and taking the appropriate medication, the patient may realize that they feel unwell in the cause of the day. This may be indicated by headaches, fatigue, and high blood pressure among other conditions. When this happens it is in their discretion to take further tests just to ensure that their blood sugar levels are at the recommended levels. Because of the irregular sugar levels, the diabetes patients are required to have their testing kits and sell diabetic test strips with them at all times. This enables them to test themselves whenever a need arises.


Due to proper disease management through proper nutritional regime, exercising, controlled emotions and regular and proper medication, the patient’s condition may stabilize or improve. When such an individual is no longer under constant attack, they may reduce the number of times they take a blood sugar test in a day. Make sure to check out this website at for more details about test strips.


As a result, they may find that they have more testing strips than they require. These diabetes testing strips have a short shelf life and if not careful, a person can find themselves with expired and unused strips. The good news is that the patient can sell these strips online so that they can be used by others who need them. At a later date, they can use the cash they got to buy strips. Be sure to sell your test strips here!

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