Gestational Diabetes: Management Tips and the Best Diet Plan


Gestational diabetes is a condition whereby a woman has high blood sugar during her pregnancy period. A woman must not necessarily have history of diabetes to have this condition. It is usually brought about when the body reacts differently to hormones including insulin which help to convert glucose into energy from the blood stream.


Some of the complications that might be as a result of high blood sugar level may include; skin condition, nerve damage, ketoacidosis, and blurry vision among others. However, the good news is that the condition is treatable through a proper diet plan. Controlling this condition is not only helpful to the health of the mother, but also the baby. A good diet plan reduces the intake of glucose-rich foods leading to low blood sugar level. A mother suffering from gestational diabetes is likely to have birth complications because most babies tend to be big. For more facts about test strips, visit this website at


Balanced diet is an integral factor when it comes to management of gestational diabetes. Every woman should watch whatever she eats during pregnancy to reduce the likelihood of the condition. The diet must contain the essential nutrients for the body but not have excess glucose that might aggravate the condition. Compare Type One Vs. Type Two Diabetes here!     


The best gestational diabetes diet plan should have a mix of proteins, fruits and vegetables with small quantities of carbohydrates. Excess carbohydrates can escalate the blood sugar levels so you should take it in small portions. Ideally, the best diet plan should have 25% of protein, 25% of starch and 50% of non-starchy foods.


Now that you are aware of what you ought to take during pregnancy to avoid gestational diabetes, what should you not eat? Managing the condition does not only involve what you should take, part of the plan also has what you should not take. Try as much as you can to avoid alcohol, sugary drinks, fast foods, processed foods and high in starch foods. Suppose you are not sure what of your diet, it is advisable to consult your doctor to come up with a comprehensive balanced diet. Importantly, you should opt for regular exercising to keep your body fit and optimally functioning. Get cash for diabetic test strips today!


While these tips may be useful for management and control of gestational diabetes, if you realize that they are not helpful, do not hesitate to see a doctor. In extreme conditions, the diet plan might take a considerable time to work and that calls for immediate attention from a qualified doctor to prescribe immediate treatment.

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